I first had the pleasure of meeting Andrew in 2012 when he visited the area of France in which I live. I was absolutely thrilled when he agreed to paint several of the landscapes around my house in rural south west France.

In 2014 I had the opportunity to visit San Francisco, and way up on my list of priorities was to visit Andrew’s studio and see more of his work. I could not resist the chance to acquire another picture which is now proudly exhibited in my home in France.

I admire so much Andrew’s use of colour. His work has a vibrancy which I can only describe as glowing, almost as if his pictures are lit up with an inner light.

As if his artistic talents were not enough, Andrew has the most engagingly modest personality. He should be boasting of his talent but he doesn’t. Whether you are a serious art collector or an interested amateur, I can thoroughly recommend that you take any opportunity to see Andrew’s work. You will not be disappointed.

Mme. Marian Evans (06/09/2016)


Andrew’s breadth and scope in his style of painting struck a chord from the very first moment I had the pleasure of viewing it in person, a rather poignant departure from merely seeing it on his website. His use of vibrant color is, in my opinion, the essence of his exquisitely honed craft, rich and alive and dancing with life. Whether it be a nature scene, landscape or abstract, all his work resonates with a visual poetic movement and flow. His drawings and photo collages are a strong departure from the bulk of his paintings. As an aside, I was pleasantly surprised that he also is a gifted calligrapher. It is more than evident that Andrew is a truly enthused and experienced painter, and it would be wonderful if others would avail themselves of his rare showings.

Without reservation, I can say that, if opportunity presented itself, one would be totally enthralled to own one of his works of art. Henceforth, I intend to buy a painting every year and long to admire them on my large walls; his large pieces are bold and magnificent, and the smaller paintings with aspects of tranquility are perfect for a bedroom or other smaller space.



Andrew’s work is captivating and unique. He has his own style that I have admired for many years. His body of work is astoundingly alive and vibrant, filled with visual, metaphoric poetry.

In particular, “Pfeiffer Beach, Big Sur” (2007) is, for me, a beautiful extension of nature. The effect of the bold, enlarged sun, along with the play of light, is strikingly profound. With each viewing, I see or imagine different details, perhaps a hidden tide pool, or a crashing ocean wave.

The water color of “Coastal View, Jenner” (2000), is another favorite, the waves crashing on the rocks below, giving off a warm feeling of peace and tranquility. The genius stroke is his rendering of light on the surroundings, apparent in all of his paintings.

A fine example of Andrew’s departure from landscapes, seascapes, photo-collages, and drawings is his abstract “Composition in Eight Colors” (2002), rendering a bold use of strong colors and fascinating angles, giving a powerful, yet subtle approach.

Andrew’s extraordinary work reaches deeply into the soul. He has something “extra” as a painter, which is hard to articulate in words.

L. WILLIAMSON (05/06/2016)


I was delighted to see some old favourites as well as a number of new paintings in Andys latest exhibition hosted by the San Francisco Alliance Francaise.

All Andy’s paintings have one thing in common, notwithstanding his facility with a range of media, textures, subject matter and format from intimate to overwhelming: a quality of intense vibrancy. They must have be conceived and executed with a particular enthusiasm attuned to the dance of atoms in the world around us. Whether he paints a tractor, a city-, land- or seascape, a bonfire (my long-time favourite, capable of evoking – carefully suppressed – jealous rages if someone else merely admires it!) or a tree, all his images burst into being and colour. I suspect most subjects would fare poorly in comparison were they to present themselves.

Internal movements and dynamic balances in his compositions seem to dare us feel exuberant joy. Somehow his palette has fiery reds AND FIERY GREENS!